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Could Outsourcing Your Shredding Actually Decrease Your Security Risks?

Shredding confidential business documents is important for the security and protection of your company, and of your customers’ information. Organisations are under a constant threat of data breaches, identity theft and forgery risks if they don’t have the right measures in place to dispose of confidential information that is no longer needed. However, these threats and risk can be mitigated significantly by shredding confidential documents. So how can outsourcing the task of shredding decrease the security risks of your organisation?

Outsourcing Shredding Can Significantly Reduce Security Risks

Even though companies can conduct in-house shredding of documents, this excruciating task can take a very long time and be a waste of your in-house skills. On the contrary, outsourcing shredding to a specialist company is much more efficient and ensures that the process is completed to a sufficient standard where it is no longer recoverable. This is because they have huge industrial shredders specifically designed to destroy large volumes of paper documents. Here is why on-site shredding can mitigate security risks:

1. Secure Chain of Custody

Professional shredding companies have industrial machines that are operated by trained professionals, to ensure that documents are unrecoverable and cannot be pieced back together. Normal office shredders, which require you to feed one piece paper at a time, are simply not as effective or efficient as industrial shredders. How many times have your staff been frustrated by the jamming of the machine testing their patience? Onsite shredding specialists can take care of the shredding process in minutes to an industry level and compliant standard give you peace of mind.

2. Surefire Demolition of Documents

The destruction of documents by a professional shredding company is done in a manner that it will make it impossible to retrieve the information. In-house shredders often cut paper in the form of long vertical strips, which can easily be reassembled together using modern technologies and put your organization at risk. The cross cutting and multi-edge technology of the industrial shredders ensures that the paper cannot be put together at all, reducing the risk of it being reconstructed by third parties and causing a data breach.

3. Verify the Shredding Process

When you hire an on-site professional shredding company, you can actually verify that the shredding has been done. The privacy of your employees and the customers will maintain complete confidentiality. In fact, Shred-on-Site even present a certificate of secure destruction and allow you to watch the shredding process if you would like to witness this firsthand. The accredited specialists ascertain that the documents are effectively shredded and sustainable recycling is done.

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