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What happens after your obsolete records are shredded?

The process of shredding has become fairly standard today for every business keen to maintain high standards of security and compliance. On-site shredding helps to ensure that sensitive data is always protected and makes document disposal a swift and efficient process. But what happens to your records after they’re shredded?

Why invest in professional shredding of obsolete records?

There are some key reasons why it pays to ensure that your obsolete records are properly disposed of, including:

Why use a Professional Shredding Service?

Despite best intentions to be more eco friendly, many offices are still processing large volumes of paper. Disposing efficiently of that paper in a way that meets compliance and confidentiality requirements can be a challenge. Valuable employee time is often wasted handling the process, which may be further hampered by the use of small, inefficient shredders. For any business of any size there are some very good reasons to use a professional shredding service.

4 things to think about when shredding

Whether your focus is on data protection or more sustainable business practices, shredding has become an essential part of operations for many enterprises. This often involves working with a trusted partner able to handle the shredding needs of your organisation, as well as meeting the standards of confidentiality and security that may entail. When you’re setting up, or reviewing, the current shredding processes in place within your business there are four key things to think about.