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Business Identity theft: 7 tips on how to protect yourself

The idea of personal identity theft is fairly well embedded today but business identity theft, less so. Any organisation can be vulnerable to business identity theft, whether large or small, if it is unprotected. This will involve another individual or entity impersonating the business, which could have a negative impact on an enterprise’s reputation and clients. It’s essential to take steps to protect your business if you don’t want to end up a victim.

The importance of using a Paper Shredding Service

‘Data’ seems to be the buzzword these days. It’s something that every business generates and collects a lot of, whether it belongs to customers, clients or the business itself. That data can create a lot of issues if it isn’t properly disposed of and a paper shredding service is really the only way to ensure that happens. Working with a shredding service can also help to improve the efficiency and social responsibility of your business too.

Why use a Paper Document Shredding Service if you are a School, College or University?

Every school, college or university today has a range of responsibilities to fulfil when it comes to keeping data safe. Compliance with regulation, such as the GDPR, is an essential part of the process and applies just as much to educational institutions as it does to business organisations. There can be severe consequences for schools, colleges and universities that don’t take data protection seriously, not just in terms of the fines that can result from a lack of legal compliance but reputational damage too.