Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

In these times of great uncertainty and different ways of working Shred-on-Site can offer a bespoke service to homeworkers that will cater for specific confidential shredding requirements. Being regarded as an essential service we have continued to work throughout this pandemic and all of our drivers are well versed in operating within the Government guidelines of social distancing, continual cleansing and the wearing of PPE.
All we will require is your post code, an approximate volume of the material, be it paper or media, that needs shredding and we can let you know costs and availability.
Should you require any further information please contact us.

Why Mobile shredding is secure and the most convenient

Data – and its secure disposal – is a key priority for most businesses today. This has become even more important since the introduction of the GDPR, which contains severe penalties for businesses that don’t take steps to prevent data breach, whether digital or physical. Especially in this era of socially distant working environments, having access to mobile shredding has become essential, as it is not just secure but also the most convenient way to deal with document shredding.

A visible chain of custody

Both from the perspective of knowing what happens to sensitive or confidential data and being able to potentially prove a chain of custody in the future, mobile shredding has many advantages. Paper is kept in lockable consoles until it is due to be disposed of and then handed over to the shredding partner to be dealt with. Chain of custody is simple to prove and security is easy to maintain, as there are so few stages involved.

A flexible option for any business

Working with a trusted paper shredding services provider means your business can access this document destruction service to a schedule that works for you. Whether this is a single location or over several different locations, you can choose a setup that works for your business and ensure that documents aren’t left accessible to those who could use them for the wrong purposes. If you’re looking for a truly flexible option for shredding then mobile shredding is the most obvious choice.

The clue is in the name…

Mobile shredding comes to you, whether that’s to a home or business address. This makes it the most convenient option for shredding, no matter where you and your team are located. This also helps to ensure security, as there is no need to transport documents, which could leave them vulnerable to being intercepted. Instead, shredding is carried out on the premises so that data is destroyed before it leaves your address.

Complete data destruction

When you work with a mobile shredding provider you can be sure that the documents you hand over, and the data within them, will be completely destroyed. Unlike the process of recycling there is no doubt that documents have been destroyed before anyone could have seen or taken them. Some providers will offer a certificate of destruction as proof that this process has been completed.

A more socially responsible option

Shredded documents are easy to recycle and can be taken en masse to a recycling plant by your shredding provider. Your business will be using less energy by outsourcing this to a mobile shredding service that is also handling other clients and can boost social responsibility credentials as a result. Efficiency is improved internally as employees don’t have to handle the process and operational spend can be better managed.

Mobile shredding is a uniquely secure option when it comes to document destruction for businesses and a service that delivers the ultimate convenience – shredding on your doorstep.

To enquire about any of our shredding services please get in touch, by either calling us on 0800 181 4106 or you can use our online quoting tool here.


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