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4 facts how document shredding can reduce privacy risk breaches and improve your bottom line

Shredding is often viewed as a necessary, but uninteresting, internal process – many people don’t really understand just how much it has to add. The reality is that if you invest in high quality, reliable shredding it can minimise the risk of privacy breaches and actually help to improve the bottom line of the business. These 4 facts show just how this is possible for any enterprise of any industry or size.

1. Ongoing shredding ensures compliance

The compliance burden on businesses is heavy today and has been increased significantly in recent years by the introduction of regulation such as the GDPR. Heavy fines await those who don’t comply with this standard, particularly when it comes to safe data disposal. Committing to a regular ongoing schedule of shredding enables a business to ensure the proper, secure disposal of paper-based data in a way that guarantees compliance with regulations.

2. Internal shredding processes may not be enough to protect privacy

Office paper shredders often do an inadequate job when it comes to destroying documents. Data may still be retrievable and there is also a wide range of privacy risks in handling shredding internally, especially when it comes to disposing of shredding or storing documents before the shredding takes place. A professional shredding partner will provide lockable bins for documents to ensure sensitive data cannot be accessed before shredding. They will also securely dispose of shredding waste so that there is no opportunity for privacy to be breached.

3. The link between shredding and recycling

A professionally managed shredding solution not only ensures privacy is protected but also that the business is meeting its CSR targets where recycling is concerned. Where this is not in place, documents may not be shredded before being recycled and this presents a security risk. It’s also much easier to recycle shredded documents and these won’t end up in a landfill site.

4. Outsourced shredding helps to bring costs down

Any business currently handling shredding in-house is likely to be wasting money. This may be as a result of using employees to handle the process, as opposed to putting their skills to proper use in the way that their employment contract identifies. It could also be due to the inefficiency of office shredders, which require all staples etc to be removed and can only handle limited loads. In-house shredding can be a time consuming and laborious process that costs time and money. However, when this is outsourced it can positively impact on the bottom line of the business, freeing up employees to add value to the work they were contracted for and minimising the resources within the business that are required to make document destruction happen.

Professional document shredding services have a lot to offer any business, large or small. From reducing internal spend to ensuring that the business is legally compliant and protecting the privacy of clients and employees it’s an increasingly essential investment to make.

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