5 Steps to Preventing Against Data Breaches in Your Work Place

The cost of a data breach can be substantial, especially as this is something that can continue to affect a business and its reputation even after the initial issue has been managed. Security breaches that involve data theft or loss are becoming increasingly common today – one in four companies is now likely to be affected by one. So, what steps can you take to prevent a data breach and make your business more secure?

How Your Organisation Can Prevent Fraud

Every year, businesses lose around 5% of annual revenues to fraud. This is an issue that continues to grow in importance as the risks multiply. For many organisations, it’s insiders who can pose some of the biggest issues when it comes to fraud – in fact almost three quarters of companies have found themselves a victim of fraud that was insider-led. So, what are the most significant threats when it comes to insider fraud and how can you protect your organisation?

What should your business be shredding?

Security is crucial to effective risk management for any organisation today. From digital hacks through to stolen data in physical form, there are many ways in which the information that a business generates could be a threat to its survival. Shredding provides a secure and simple way to deal with this threat, minimising the potential for documents or papers to be exposed to those who could use them in a way that harms an ongoing concern. But, when it comes to shredding, what should your business be disposing of in this way?