What to think about when protecting your business data?

Data security remains a top priority for many organisations today. A lack of it can not only leave a business exposed to data theft or reputational damage but could also attract penalties and fines as a result of a lack of compliance with data protection laws. Crucially, when protecting your business data, it’s important to focus both on digital data and any that is being physically generated on a day-to-day basis.

4 tips to help your business in Physical Data Management

Physical management is a necessary and important part of any comprehensive data strategy. Risks can be high where physical data is not being carefully managed and the consequences of this range from fines for breach of regulations such as the GDPR to long-lasting reputational damage. Particularly if you’ve invested time and effort in ensuring that your digital information is being properly and securely processed it’s essential to apply this same approach to physical data too.

How to secure and dispose of securely confidential healthcare records

Confidential healthcare records are incredibly sensitive documents in data terms. That’s why they are increasingly being targeted by thieves and hackers. In fact, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office, in one year there were more data breaches in the healthcare sector than any other. Medical identity theft is increasingly becoming a problem in the UK – personal details can be used to fake prescriptions and acquire medication that can be sold illegally, for example.


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