Our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

In these times of great uncertainty and different ways of working Shred-on-Site can offer a bespoke service to homeworkers that will cater for specific confidential shredding requirements. Being regarded as an essential service we have continued to work throughout this pandemic and all of our drivers are well versed in operating within the Government guidelines of social distancing, continual cleansing and the wearing of PPE.
All we will require is your post code, an approximate volume of the material, be it paper or media, that needs shredding and we can let you know costs and availability.
Should you require any further information please contact us.

Secure Paper ShreddingIn a digital age where the majority of transactions are conducted online, it is surprising how much waste paper is still being generated by UK businesses. Secure paper shredding is the most effective means of managing confidential waste. A typical London based office will produce a wide variety of sensitive documentation which will likely contain customer data, business documents or even bank statements. Secure, confidential paper shredding is one of the only methods to efficiently dispose of such waste in compliance with the UK Data Protection Acts.

"Shred-on-Site has helped our business become compliant through their fast and efficient confidential paper shredding solution. I recommend them to our network because they are trustworthy and reliable."

The management and disposal of paper waste is of paramount importance in order to protect the business, consumers and existing customers against the risk of identity theft and fraud. A secure paper shredding solution is the only way to properly mitigate against this risk. Utilising confidential paper shredding technology, Shred-on-Site can securely dispose of your paper, recycling it through our network of mobile shredding vehicles. Our operatives remove your waste and shred it on-site before taking your waste to one of our UK secure confidential paper shredding centres to be recycled.

What is Secure, Confidential Paper Shredding?

Secure, confidential paper shredding is the processes of taking a document that contains personal or private information such as a customer’s address, and destroying it by processing it through an industrial paper shredding machine. This shreds the paper into tiny confetti-sized pieces that cannot be retrieved or returned to the original format. By using a secure paper shredding company such as Shred-on-Site, you have our guarantee that your documents will be confidentially shredded on-site at your offices – we’ll even produce a certificate of secure confidential paper shredding to confirm we have completed the task.

What are the benefits of Secure, confidential paper shredding?

  1. Comply with Legislation
  2. Safeguard the Privacy of Your Customers’ Data
  3. Fast, Efficient and Discreet Service
  4. Prevent Privacy Breeches
  5. Prevent Identity Theft Avoid
  6. Unnecessary Administrative Time Spent on Manual Paper Shredding