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Unique benefits of on-site shredding

On-site shredding is the obvious choice for any business looking to ensure high levels of data protection and document security. Whether you’re disposing of confidential papers or media, such as disks or thumb drives, an on-site shredding policy is the only way to ensure that you’re fully compliant with local law.

Why is shredding vital in the finance sector?

If there is one thing that is prized above all when it comes to financial matters, it is confidentiality. From personal finances through to issues that affect large public companies, keeping sensitive figures, projections, standards or reports away from those that shouldn’t see them is a priority. There are not only potential cost and competition implications in failing to keep certain data safe but legal and reputational issues too. In a sector such as finance, safe document disposal is critical to the future of the business, which is why shredding is a vital investment.

A guide to which documents you should be shredding confidentially

Over the last decade we have seen a significant shift to digital documents and workflows across the business community. However, the reality is that very few offices are yet a genuinely paper-free environment. From office policies, to important emails and attachments, the average office still creates vast volumes of printed materials in a single day, many of which are sensitive or highly confidential. On-site shredding is the only true solution to ensuring that data in these documents is protected and the business is not exposed to unnecessary risk as a result of regular paper use.