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3 ways that shredding helps businesses to protect their customers

Effective data management is incredibly important today. It’s crucial for any business to have this under control, not just to ensure customers are protected but also to avoid attrition. Customers today are much more proactive when it comes to checking up on how businesses will protect their data – one 2018 survey, for example, established that 92% of consumers look at an organisation's data protection track record before choosing an institution to bank with. Plus, consumers tend to be put off using companies that have experienced data protection breaches.

How you can get your business shredding solution perfected

A business shredding solution not only helps to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness but also to cover off essentials such as legal compliance and corporate social responsibility too. It is increasingly viewed as the most attractive solution to waste management and document disposal, no matter what your industry. If you’re investing in business shredding then there are a number of key elements involved in the ideal solution.

Why is shredding your documents an essential part of your corporate social responsibility?

Why is shredding your documents an essential part of your corporate social responsibility?

A recent study found that current climate change predictions may have significantly underestimated the speed and seriousness of global warming. New research like this, as well as changes to the political landscape that saw the USA stepping out of the crucial Paris Climate Agreement, have pushed environmental issues to the top of many agendas. As a result, eco concerns have a major role to play in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and many businesses today are prioritising this within CSR policy.