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We Paid the Price for their Mistake

NHS Surrey has been fined £200,000 for a massive oversight in their security procedures.  This has caused uproar across the nation as we find ourselves paying the price for their improper handling of sensitive data. 
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Equipping your Staff will Improve your Security

So often we overestimate the knowledge of our workforce.  We assume all of our employees have a good understanding of Data Protection and are adamant to be secure. Alas, this is rarely the case. Your average worker will have little to no knowledge on Data Protection and certainly won’t pay much attention to curity. Shred-on-Site is urging managers and owners nationwide to equip their team with the paper shredding know-how and facilities. This will enable them to be proficient in maintaining your companies’ security obligations. 

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The Security Implications to Shredding Off-Site

Paper shredding confidential data is more than simply complying with the law – it is protecting you from fraud and theft. Data related crimes are on the rise and so too is the amount of data we’re creating. We need to be sure that we protecting this data by disposing of it correctly and consistently.