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Small Businesses Need to Change their Attitude - Paper Shredding

The relaxed attitude towards security held by many small business owners is creating a boom period for fraud and theft. This isn’t great news for any of us, particularly when such simple issues can be prevented. Document shredding specialists like Shred-On-Site are determined to resource and educate business owners about managing their paper shredding policy more effectively. This helps reduce the on-going external and internal security threats we are all facing.

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Shred it all – What Needs to be Destroyed

It’s incredible how much valuable and sensitive data we are throwing away that should’ve been destroyed. Most documents are holding some sort of confidential information that could pose a security threat if it fell into the wrong hands. Despite this, most organisations are very laissé faire when it comes to their paper shredding policies. To combat this attitude I’ve compiled a list of some documents that you should be shredding and why. 

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Should You Shred Your Paper Waste On-Site or Off-Site?

Every organisation, no matter how small its administration, creates confidential information in hard copy and the only really safe way to dispose of that is to shred it on-site. If you’re administering any type of business and you're not sure if you need a paper shredding service, don’t take our word for it – take a look for yourself! Have a rummage through your general waste or recycling bins at the end of a busy working day. We absolutely guarantee that you’ll find sensitive material in there that should have been shredded.