We carry out secure paper shredding and document destruction services across a wide range of industries from small SMEs and private households through to large blue-chip organisations. With hub centres throughout the UK, we're here to help.

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Data has transformed how we work

Data has always been beneficial, but it holds more value today than ever before. In 2011 we created 1.8 Zettabytes of data, which would take 57.5 billion iPads to store it all – you could theoretically build a mountain of iPads 25x higher than Mount Fuji. Technology has grown sufficiently enough to enable us to do this through mediums such as - social media, blogs, games, resources, libraries, music, films… the list is endless. The data we have stored in the cloud or in our hard drives is invaluable, confidential and more often than not, too easily accessed.
Secure Shredding Process

Why Use Document Shredding Specialists?

Many businesses understand the importance of protecting their data but surprisingly few use document shredding specialists to help dispose of confidential paperwork. While offices pledge to become paper free, there is still a large amount of waste generated by the modern office and this is another reason why companies should choose shredding services.


Secure Confidential Paper Shredding For Your Office

Secure confidential paper shredding is a process whereby a shredding company comes to your office or other premises, collects your waste paper, and then either shreds it in a mobile shredding van or takes it away for off-site shredding. You can usually arrange for regular collections or simply call the shredding company when you have accumulated enough paper to make shredding worthwhile. Doing so ensures that you meet government legislation, that you protect the data of your employees and your customers, and that you save time when compared to doing the shredding yourself.