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The shredding process: where does your business' paper waste go?

Shredding is a vital part of your company’s compliance and security strategy, which ensures that both your internal and external customer data is protected. Not only is this important for compliance, but it’s also important for the environment that your approach is tailored to be as green as possible. This is something that customers are now holding more and more businesses to account for – reducing their carbon footprint.

Do your in-house security processes sufficiently protect against data breaches?

In 2016, security breaches cost UK businesses almost £30 billion. Firms both large and small are increasingly concerned about the potential for data loss, which could occur both physically and in the online world. With the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force from May 2018, the rules for data protection are becoming increasingly stringent and the penalties more severe for personal data loss. For businesses, in-house security process are the first line of defence against a potential data breach.

How to approach shredding non-paper media items for security

The paperless environment is the aim for many businesses in 2017 but the reality is that this still creates a wide range of data-soaked media. Non-paper media could be anything from X-rays, to CDs and DVDs, which have been loaded up with often-highly sensitive material that would be a disadvantage in the wrong hands. With data privacy and security increasingly high up on the priorities list for businesses, it’s important to consider the destruction of non-paper media as much as traditional documents.