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What shredding services are best for your business?

“Confidentiality” and “data protection” are the two current key phrases for many UK businesses. With new legal requirements incoming for data protection, as well as an increased focus from consumers and businesses on what happens to their data in others’ hands, disposing of sensitive, personal or confidential information is more important than it has ever been. Because we still don’t operate in entirely paperless environments, shredding plays a central role in confidential information and data handling strategy for every business across all industries.

What differences are there between on-site and off-site shredding?

Data protection and customer confidentiality are a key concern for many customers, especially with large scale cases being made public news. The consequences of data breaches and insufficient protection measures can be catastrophic to businesses, whose brand can be damaged, customer trust broken, not to mention legal action and financial penalties. Shredding is a large part of ensuring that this high level of security is maintained, but what different types of shredding are there and which is the best for your business?

3 reasons to recycle your paper waste after shredding

Most of us have heard about the benefits of recycling before, but this can seem a big task for companies getting through a large volume of paper waste over time. It can be time consuming to first shred and then recycle so much paper, therefore wasting resources in-house, but with data protection regulations and growing environmental awareness, it’s important to make sure that you’re recycling your paper waste after shredding. Here are just 3 reasons why: