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Data security myths debunked

Whatever progressions or growth you’re looking to make to your company, digital or physical, it’s vital to have your data security at the forefront of all that you do. Failure to comply with UK Data Protection legislation can result in significant legal penalties, fines and ongoing brand reputation damage. Keeping your confidential information secure at all times is therefore essential, for your own, in-house data as well as that of your customers. With that in mind, here are some security myths that we have debunked:

Is it time to reassess your information security procedures?

For many businesses, the New Year presents an ideal opportunity to reassess in-house policies and procedures to see what can be made more efficient. One area that it could be time to take another look at is your information security.

Information security failures

The financial implications of information and data breaches are significant, with many amounting to millions of pounds for large companies for a single incident. There are not only financial implications, but legal penalties and long term reputational repercussions.

Could Outsourcing Your Shredding Actually Decrease Your Security Risks?

Shredding confidential business documents is important for the security and protection of your company, and of your customers’ information. Organisations are under a constant threat of data breaches, identity theft and forgery risks if they don’t have the right measures in place to dispose of confidential information that is no longer needed. However, these threats and risk can be mitigated significantly by shredding confidential documents. So how can outsourcing the task of shredding decrease the security risks of your organisation?